At Stofpad Brewery, we believe that every sip of beer should evoke the spirit of adventure. Our journey began in the heart of Namibia on the rugged trails, where dust-covered paths led us to unexpected treasures. Inspired by the untamed beauty of this land, we set out to create something truly unique—a brewery that captures the essence of our wild surroundings.

Craftsmanship Brewed with Passion
The owner, Jaco van der Merwe, is a true visionary, fuelled by passion and a love for the wild, set out to create more than just beer. Our Brewmaster, Cor Nel blends science and intuition to craft beers that tell stories. Each batch is a labour of love—a symphony of malt, hops, and yeast that harmonizes with the desert winds. From the first crack of the malt to the final pour, their hands guide the process, ensuring that every drop carries the soul of Namibia.

The Flavors of the Wilderness
Premium Lager: Imagine the sun dipping below the horizon, casting golden hues across the savannah. Our Premium Lager mirrors that moment—a crisp, light brew that quenches your thirst after a day of exploration. It’s the taste of freedom, captured in a glass.

Pale Ale: Venture deeper into the wilderness with our Pale Ale. Hops dance on your palate, revealing notes of citrus and floral aromas. It’s as if you’re sipping the essence of acacia trees and desert flowers. Pair it with a sunset view, and you’ll understand why we call it “Namibia in a can.”

IPA (India Pale Ale):
Bold and unapologetic, our IPA mirrors the illusiveness of the African Leopard. It’s a liquid safari, a journey through citrus & tropical fruit aromas with hints of honey & caramel. It’s a beer that defies boundaries.

Where the Desert Meets the Taproom
Visit our brewery nestled within the Stofpad Lodge. The air smells of thornbush and adventure. Pull up a stool, share stories with fellow travellers, and let our brews transport you. And if you’re lucky, the Brewmaster might even reveal the secret ingredient, the whisper of the desert wind that infuses every pint.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious wanderer, Stofpad Brewery invites you to taste the wild. Let our beers be your companions as you cross the ancient dunes, spot elusive wildlife, marvel at the star-studded skies and share stories around the camp fire. Adventure awaits—raise your glass to the untamed spirit of Namibia!

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